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kurz Na cestě ke zdraví, na cestě k sobě

Course: On my way to health I found myself

 Feb 1, 2020,  18:00 ,  Naživo, Václavská 12a, Brno

How will you meet all your duties and still have some time for yourself, your family and friends? How can youe still have time to exercise, eat healthily and do things the way they should be done? What if a training plan, diet plan and a week plan is not enough? What if there is still something missing?

In this 13 week experiential course you will learn how to take care of your health, not only of your body, but our emotions, mind and spirit.

You will learn how to fit all the things you know, you should be doing, into your day. By the end of the course, you will feel better (and that is scientifically proven!).

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Together you will experience and discover 12 topics that are worth your attention. Every week you will learn new technique, how to enhance your actual state of health and wellbeing, deal with stress more effectively and just feel better and healthier.

Warning! This course is not a cure for all problems of the world! Sun will not shine every day and some days it is just necessary to go through “bitter valleys” to get back to the top. This course cannot do that for you, but it will teach you how to deal with it more effectively, quickly and with your head up.

Topics and techniques you will open during the course:

Inter-relations between physical health and satisfying life, principles of personal development, behavioral change and present moment. Breathing exercises, relaxation, imaginations, movement, reflective drawing, journaling …

We will not be just talking and discussing - for all 13 weeks you will be working on yourself, trying out new facts and learning a lot new about yourself. The course is built on a principle of learning community, when closed groups from 6-16 participants share their experiences, thoughts and insights, support and motivate each other. The degree of involvement in the group is individual.

This course will be in Czech language - if you wanted to join, contact Jana at jana@wellcome.cz

Course covers 26 hours of seminars with coach/facilitator, 2 Wellness Inventory evaluations, 13 homeworks, a bunch of additional study materials and 1 hour of individual coaching after the course.


COURSE CONTENT: On the opening seminar we will clarify the topic of health and wellness, the following seminars will then be dedicated to twelve fundamental dimensions of wellness:

  1. week – Self-responsibility and love
  2. week - Breathing
  3. week - Senses
  4. week - Eating
  5. week - Moving
  6. week - Feeling
  7. week - Thinking
  8. week – Play and work
  9. week – communicating
  10. week – Intimacy
  11. week – Finding meaning
  12. week – Transcendence

…all this with methods of experiential reflective learning. You will talk more, think more, experience more, discover more…


Who is this course for?

The course is for everyone, who doesn´t feel as good and healthy as he/she could be, and wants to do something about it. If you plan to lose a kilo or two, start running or grow personally, learn new things and meet new people, this course is just for you.

There is no age limit, but so far the course participants were 20-50 years old, any gender, interests or professions. There has been a doctor, programmer and even a student of sociology. Everyone found in this course what was valuable and interesting for him/her.

This course is suited for curious people, because you will not receive training plans or diet menus to follow. We will rather give you questions and pieces of information about healthier living that leads to finding your own answers. You already know most of the topics we will be talking about and each of the participants can add his little piece into the group discussions and inspire others. And if you don´t want to talk, you can only listen.


Kuba has already passed this course. Who would he suggest it to? 

This course is a must for everyone, who feels there is something wrong with his everyday life and his own balance. Those who think that have sorted it all out, just have to pass this course! They will realize, they were wrong, that their life can be even better. I you hesitate for just a second, just do it. This course will be your best time spent finding yourself.”

-          Kuba

And what does Týna say about the course?

“Immensely pleasant and instructive time that shows you the door you might not see until now. If you don’t know, where to go, if you want to change not feeling confused and alone, this is the right course for you. And the great coach is just a bonus :)

-          Týna


Why to sign up for this course?

Because it is the only course of its type and because we like doing things we like in a way that others like them too:

  • Therefore we will be using methods of experiential learning (you will talk, think, experience and discover)
  • It will be no folk wisdom, we work with the methodology from John Travis that systematically connect all dimensions of health – physical, mental, social and spiritual and follows its inter-connections.
  • In the course we will use sexy girl porn video to diagnose your current state of health and wellbeing, and you will learn how to use this tool for yourself.
  • You will leave this course with specific task you want to do differently – healthily. During the course you will connect you current experience and knowledge together with scientific findings and will create your own plan how to be healthy.
  • Our seminars will be taught with smile and support, not only because we like to smile, but because we believe that one cannot personally grow towards healthier life without it.


This course is science! 

Course On my way to health, I found myself is based on scientific facts and methods, not just personal experiences and so called method “I-Think-that”. We want to pass on the current knowledge and it is up to you to make your opinion and use what appeals to you.

The science around this course (Jana´s PhD research) says that if you work on your self and your life for 13 weeks, for 100% something changes. Are you wondering what changes the most? Ask her in the course.

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask us! jana@wellcome.cz

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