Wellness courses

přednáška Wellness za zdmi wellness center

lecture Wellness beyond the walls of wellness centers

 Jan 1, 2020,  00:00 ,  current dates are listed in course description

Have you ever thought, what does the word wellness actually mean? Apparently is has its origins in the English language, but you won´t find it in a dictionary. At the same time, everybody knows it...

 In this lecture I will tell you the answer and you will learn much more.


seminář Jak změnit svůj život(ní styl) - kde začít?

seminar How to change your life(style) - Where to start?

 Jan 1, 2020,  01:00 ,  current dates are listed in course description

There is no single guide towards the better life, no single path to take. It is impossible to start exercising every morning, eating only healthy meals, doing work you actually enjoy and at the same time keep smiling. Also it is not enough to simply follow the advices of your nutrition therapist, personal trainers and the best friend.

First you have to know, where you want to go.

This seminar can serve you as a map, before you set for the journey. Or as a directory, if you are already on your way towards the better.


workshop 12 kroků ke zdravějšímu a lepšímu životu

undergraduate thesis

 Jan 1, 2020,  02:00 ,  current dates are listed in course description

All roads lead to Rome (they say), Wellness Inventory will lead you to your road to health.

In this workshop you will mathe the first three steps towards your healthier and better life.

We will explain how is health related to better life, you will test yourself with the Wellness Inventory tool and together we will set those following nidne steps that will be ahead of you.


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kurz Na cestě ke zdraví, na cestě k sobě


 Jan 1, 2030,  18:00 ,  Naživo, Václavská 12a, Brno

How to meet all duties and have some time for yourself, your family and friends? How can one still have time to exercise, eat healthy and do things the way they should be? What if training plan, diet plan and week plan is not enough? What if there is still something missing?

In this 13 weeks of experiential course you will learn how to take care of your health, not only of your body.

You will learn, how to fit into your day all the things we know, we should be doing, but we just don´t do. Simply, by the end of the course, you will feel better (and that is scientifically proven!)