Hi, my name is Jana. and I am a trainer, lecturer and facilitator with passion for adding bits of joy and satisfaction to human days. That is how John Munson re-defined wellness for me and it became a credo of my personal and professional pursuits.

Except for writing this website, I like experimenting with wellness, finding more/less formal ways how to put the wellness message across to people. I partly do that in my home country, which is the Czech Republic, but very often you can find me abroad, somewere in Europe or US, spreading the wellness ideas all around on conferences, workshops, training courses or just over a cup of coffee.

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The core piece of my work is my PhD research about effective methods of lifestyle change towards healthier and happier life. Our course On my way to health, ... was taught at Masaryk university in Brno, CZ and at University of Wisconsin - Stevens Point, WI, USA and what do the results say? Briefly: It works

Based on the findings, my professional training in expriential-reflective learning and an inborn joyful personality, in my work I use nonformal teaching methods, principles of personal development and a bunch of games and smiles. As Don Ardell says: "Wellness is too important to be pursued grimly."

Proud Member of the NWIBesides being a trainer and an academic, I am a Certified Wellness Inventory Coach and a member of the International Standing Commitee of the Check This Out. Hence, my approach to wellness is originated in the American tradition and work of John Travis and the NWI, that first used the term "wellness" for a holistic model of optimal human functioning.

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Yet, my way to wellness wasn't that direct. I first met the ideas in Denmark in 2010, researched it in Czech Republic, studied the arabic version of it in Turkey, since 2013 kept going there and back to US, in the mean time discovered the endless variation of wellness traveling in Thailand and the international collection goes on and on. 

You can see that my intention is fairly intercultural. http://uniqueglassfiles.com.au/, my dream is to bridge the different understandings of wellness across the Old Continent. The challenge is to connect the current scientific knowledge with everyday practice of everyday lives in our different cultures, as n the levels of society, communty of at home. They all need a bit more sensitive approach than just "eat less, move more". My recent aim is to find connections between the abstract wellness ideas and our daily life through the physical body experience and in future I would like to incorporate more nature into the process.

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On this web, in courses and in my research I use principles of the wellness concept from John Travis, because when the topic is joyful and satisfying life in all aspects, we could easily talk about everything and nothing. The Wellness concept sets the playground on which the game of life is played, 12 dimensions of wellness set the rules and make it easier for players (you) to address the underlying principles that make life worth living. 

My point is to bring into your sight all the possible topics we need to address if we want to life fully. In articles and other posts I will cover all 12 dimensions of wellness and if you feel like it, don´t hesitate to ask, comment or share!

If reading about wellness is too easy for you, applying wellness ideas in life might be the next step. That is why you can choose from various courses that aim to help you actually start living healthier, not just to think or talk about it. 

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Wellcome.cz is a site for people who want to wake up in the morning with the light smile on their face. Are you one of them? Are you one of us? 

If your answer is yes, just join us, sign up for newsletter or just write to me and we can go have a little wellness chit-chat over a cup of coffee ;) Jana.

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