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It is mid-December, a dark and cold winter evening. A group of 30 youth workers from all across Europe gather in an educational center in the middle of a Czech forest. They sit on chairs in a circle, silently they are thinking: What do I need to fully arrive here? What do I want to carry with me when I leave? What is this Well-ness? Where is the nearest restroom? They are at the beginning of The Game of Wellness, a 7-days Erasmus+ training for trainers. In this article, I will share with you how our training team introduced them to the essence of wellness through experiential training that combined the best of wellness, principles of gamification and non-formal teaching methods - inspiring them to do things like – adopting dogs, building their own standing desks or designing their own trainings. In short - some magic happened there.
What do you envision when you imagine the worst-case youth worker? When designing the Game of Wellness, we imagined a burnt-out person who works with great passion at the start of their career, but slowly loses the energy one day after another. Common issues being: Work-life non-balance (because when you work with passion, you don’t/shouldn’t care about long working hours, right?); low social and financial recognition (because nobody truly knows what you work on and you can never show a... essay words

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The Two Faces of Wellness in the Heart of Europe, in the Hearts of People from the Czech Republic

Due to its location in the very center of the old continent, the Czech Republic is often called the Heart of Europe. In this article I would like to introduce you to the two faces of wellness in my country. One is the wellness that calls itself wellness and then there is the other wellness that doesn’t know it is wellness - wellness that is hidden in the hearts of Czech people. more >>

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